Reasons to visit The Haven at Star Lake

Perfect Spring, Summer and Fall Temperatures –

Warm Days and Cool Nights! Warm days are revitalizing. Enthusiasm for the warmer daytime temperatures can be seen with all of the Adirondack events taking place from Lake George NY to Lake Placid NY. Not to mention cool, crisp nights offer perfect camping and bonfire-with-friends weather!

Hiking –

Avid hikers and outdoor lovers relish in the Adirondack weather from spring to fall.

The Wildlife –

Just another reason the constitutionally-protected 2,300,000 acres of the Adirondack Park is so famous, is the wildlife. There is nothing more eerily beautiful than the call of the loon in the wee hours of the morning across one of the many sparkling Adirondack lakes. Spring in the Adirondacks awakens the hungry and curious Black Bear! Stepping outside in the morning and finding the backside of a black bear sticking out of your trash can is scary yet exhilarating…and a great photo op! Some classic examples of Adirondack wildlife you might come across in the Adirondack’s are the iconic black bear, moose, squirrels, raccoons, fox, white tail deer, bobcats and lynx.

To Escape the City –

Our Adirondack fans from the beautiful “North Country” that have moved away, whether to California or Florida, will tell you they miss and long for the peace and quiet of the Adirondacks. There is nothing more tranquil than doing absolutely nothing while breathing in clean air at The Haven at Star Lake. Sometimes a weekend of trading in the noisy elevators and traffic for the quiet of mountains and trees is all you need to feel rejuvenate.

Events All Over the Adirondack Region –

Warmer temperatures mean more time spent out and about, and the quaint small and large towns in the Adirondacks always have something going on. Whether your thing is fishing, music, arts and crafts, or water activities, there is something going on you will enjoy in the Adirondacks!

Fishing –

While there is something to be said about ice fishing with a shanty, beer, and friends, warmer weather fishing means you can enjoy one of your favorite pastimes without the cumbersome winter jacket, gloves and tuque. The Adirondack Mountains are home to many species of fish and hundreds of streams, lakes, and ponds. Whether you prefer fly fishing or bait fishing, fishing in the Adirondacks is a gratifying experience. Be sure to abide by New York State fishing regulations!

Glamping –

The lush forests, awe-inspiring mountain views, and immaculate Star Lake make Adirondack glamping at The Haven an opportunity everyone should experience. Roast s’mores at our evening campfire under the stars or search the region for different species of birds – Glamping in the Adirondacks is an activity the whole family will enjoy!

The Adirondack Air-

Dense forests and sparsely populated towns in the Adirondacks help create clean air that you have to smell to believe. Anyone from the Adirondacks will tell you the region has a unique, clean smell. So say farewell to city smog and revive your lungs in the healthy air of the Adirondack Mountains!

The Views –

No matter what you do on your Adirondack vacation, you will do it with a breathtaking backdrop of Adirondack beauty! Lush forests, pristine lakes and rivers, and the towering magnificence of the Adirondacks surround you at every turn. Hiking and biking through the Adirondacks offers spectacular scenery that is sure to make you never want to leave.

Small Town Charm –

The town of Fine has its own character, friendly people, and things to do. Every town is just a short drive to remote Adirondack lakes and rivers, offering big opportunities for boating or white water rafting with a laid-back tranquility. Browse quaint local antique and artisan shops and purchase your food and supplies and local country stores. Somehow this charming little Adirondack town has a way of putting our hectic lives back in perspective!

If you have another reason to add to our list, comment below and tell us what you loved the most about your stay with us in the Adirondacks!